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Monica Smit


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Savage Minds
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Monica Smit, founder of activist group Reignite Democracy Australia which opposes the Victorian government’s handling of the COVID-19 pandemic, discusses her 2021 arrest, detention and the charges brought against her of incitement for urging people to attend anti-lockdown protests. Having spent twenty-two days in solitary confinement for refusing to sign the draconian bail conditions—extreme conditions which have since been appealed and revoked—Smit, recently recognised as Australia's first political prisoner, still faces criminal charges for her human rights activism. Here she elaborates the political machinery within Australia today that refuses to come clean on “the science” that many politicians fabricated to justify what she deems to have been unecessary lockdowns and draconian police actions taken against peaceful protests. Working with internationally respected experts and organisations to form a new global platform, Reignite World Freedom, Smit clarifies her endeavour to educate the public around the planet as to how they too can pushback against the globalist agenda in a post-Covid-19 world where the left has utterly failed to take up the mantle of defending human rights leaving the political right, as she views it, to undertake this task.