Mar 28, 2021 • 1HR 33M

LGB Fight Back


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Savage Minds
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In this episode, co-founders of LGB Fight Back, Carrie Hathorn and Belissa Cohen, speak with Julian Vigo about the longtime corporatisation of lesbian, gay and bisexual lives along with the annexing of sexuality by the transgender lobby which has cannibalised most every gay rights group in the USA over the past two decades. As a result of the trans lobby’s institutional capture, it has been quite successful in convincing many within the gay community to affirm the conversion therapy of its own members to include fast-tracking children into becoming lifetime medical patients, the promotion of gay eugenics and the wider elision of what can only be regarded as gay conversion therapy by professional organisations like the APA (American Psychological Association) which refuse to address the psychological malpractice afoot. Underscoring that “transgender identity” is not “gay adjacent,” Hathorn and Cohen elaborate how our society has been caught up in confirming others’ delusions in the pseudo-political gesture of “kindness” that has paradoxically had a negative effect on the political reality and bodies of gay and bisexual men and women.