Julia Long



Julia Long, a lesbian feminist, writer and activist, discusses the inconsistencies within the feminist and gender-critical movements—from the formation of social media activism groups whereby some women play along with the theatre of the transgender identity from recycling the “preferred pronouns” to the most fundamental illogicity of a movement that claims to be against gender while reinforcing certain men’s delusions of gender. Highlighting this political move of certain women to play along with the illusion of gender, also known as the “true trans” model, Long highlights a fundamental split amongst those advocating for women’s rights. She also contends that women who don’t see the contradiction in claiming gender as harmful while keeping certain men as immune from this analytical critique while also contributing to the “general amnesia around radical feminist writing” which Long highlights as being suppressed by the various actors who believe themselves virtuous actors engaging in political negotiations and lobbying which involves “feminine socialisation” that compels these women to “play nice” to the male subject. For Long, the gender-critical movement highlights the lack of feminism, critical thinking and credulity in what they ostensibly claim to critique while stating, “There is no such thing as being transgender.”