Oct 9, 2022 • 2HR 0M

Leor Sapir


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Savage Minds
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Leor Sapir, a fellow at the Manhattan Institute, discusses two of his articles on the gender debate—“The ‘T’ Piggybacking on the ‘LGB’” and “Transgender Confusions”—covering the policies around public policy, law, and Supreme Court rulings. Beginning with issues such as “bathroom bill” and prisons, Sapir criticises the central tenet of this movement: no debate. Claiming that we are in the throes of a “public mania,” Sapir goes through many of the contradictions within the trans movement’s arguments such as the claim that the only proper determinant of being a man or a woman is gender, not sex. Noting how the gender movement makes an exception within sports as, at the very least, acknolwdging sex as a reality, Sapir explains how this lobby has no other choice given that the political implications of denying sex would do away with women’s sports entirely. He also demonstrates how this “oppressed minority” has gained pervasive institutional capture within a decade and is anything but “oppressed” as he elaborates the American debate through the gender lobby’s inability to answer basic philosophical and scientific questions. Sapir explores how this movement has managed to build so much momentum “without actually having a coherent philosophical understanding of the human person or without having good scientific evidence for the transitioning of children.”